10 Advanced Twitter Tips & Tricks

Advanced Twitter Tips

As a part of our mission, we aim to make use of our tweeting experience by bringing you tips that may help you get more attention, engagement, clicks, replies, and new followers.

Therefore, we invite you to enjoy this great list of 10 advanced Twitter tips and tricks:

1. Search for Yourself: Twitter has an API call limit of 150 calls an hour. Every time your Twitter client searches for replies, DMs, or tweets, it wastes a call. Use a search for your own name instead of a replies column in your Twitter client, thus saving APIs and getting the same result! (The only downside is that people with protected updates won’t show up).

2. Use Friendfeed: Friendfeed is a very good resource for searching for old tweets. Twitter Search only goes back a few weeks, but Friendfeed allows you to find any old tweet.

3. Use Groups: Even when you are following a large number of tweeps, you really pay close attention to only a sum of their tweets. By creating groups in your Twitter client, you have a column with those tweets that really count!

4. Don’t Use & in Your Twitter Profile: For some reason, the “&” symbol doesn’t get along well with Twitter and won’t be displayed properly.

5. 125 is the new 140: Although you can now tweet more than 140 characters, the whole purpose of Twitter is the short messages. Shorten your tweets to 125 (or shorter if you can) to encourage easy retweets and added comments. Continue reading »

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Tweepi Quick Tip: Sources of Inspiration

Sometimes it’s hard to find something worth tweeting about, or you might just be overwhelmed. So for those looking for inspiration, they should do the following; select 3-5 “pro Twitter users” and 3-5 “lite or less popular users” so that you can look to them for inspiration or you can just RT or reply to one of their tweets.

The people that you pick would need to:

  • Post less than 15 tweets a day
  • Have a fairly equal conversations to links ratio
  • Talk about topics that you feel passionate about
  • The less popular users need to be someone you know or have some relationship to

Put those people in a list and make it a daily habit of checking, interacting and replying to those people. This will not only get you active on Twitter, adding those people whom you have a relationship to will make your experience on Twitter more authentic and real. You can also use Tweepi to filter and choose people to add to this list.

Have you found this tip useful?

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How Tweepi Helps You Play Twitter Games

Do you like to play hashtag games – like #followfriday or #teamfollowback – or any of the several hashtag tags that require you at their essence to follow people who follow you back after you have tweeted that hashtag?

Then Tweepi will make playing those games and following people a lot easier. Each time you want to play the game, tweet the hashtag of your choice wait a couple of days and then log on to Tweepi and reciprocate all those who followed you.

Makes playing much easier!

Moreover, to send your own customized FF messages and to make the game a lot more fun and personal make sure to check our Follow Friday Helper tool.

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Get More Followers With the Tweepi Routine

The usage of hashtags such as #mustfollow, #teamfollowback or other similar ones to gain new followers is really popular on Twitter but really it ends up being more trouble than its worth. You will not be able to judge the quality of the people you are following and being followed by and in general it might just get on the nerves of people who follow you and lead to them unfollowing you instead.  But if you are using Tweepi diligent in its usage you will be able to develop a much more influential and affective following and network.

Here is a simple routine that if you adopt as a routine and do it a couple of times a week you will be able to see the number and quality of your Twitter network increase considerably.

Tweepi is Zen

1st Step :

Log on to Tweepi and reciprocate all of those who are following you.

2nd Step:

Go to Clean Up and remove those users who are no longer active on Twitter using the “Active Users Preset”, no longer active has an elastic definition depending on your activity but usually it’s defined as someone who hasn’t used the service for more than 2 weeks.

3rd Step:

Unfollow those who you have been following for a while and haven’t followed you back, except for those celebrities who you can just forgive for being Twitter celebrities.

Follow Them Tweeps

4th Step:

Pick one your top tweeps that you like or talk about the same topics that you do, input his name into “Follow Tweeps –> @user’s followers” and selectively follow his followers that you don’t already follow using the Geeky Follow Tool.

If you follow these steps your Twitter account will prosper.

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