10 Financial Tweeps That Have the Scoop

In the fast moving financial world, having the right piece of information could be the difference between making profit and going belly up. Therefore Twitter seems to be the proper medium to disseminate a torrent of timely news bullets but the problem lies in the reliability of the source which means picking the right source to follow makes all the difference (although, at the end of the day, the investor should be responsible for his/her investments).


Dr. Doom was one of the first people to predict the economic downturn and give valid advice for how to get out of the recession. His Twitter feed tends to mostly document his various travels and talks around the world but, on the other hand, he also links to his blog, the RGE monitor, which is an invaluable place for global financial analysis.

Who said the truth can't hurt anyone?


While Krugman tends to delve into politics more so than the majority of economists on the list, he is still a voice to be heard. He seems to represent the more conservative side of economics and the Nobel Laureate doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to voodoo economics.

Krugman's finest

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9 Companies Worth ($$$) Following on Twitter

Usually when you are following a company or a brand, it’s for one of three reasons; you are a true fan of the brand and want to support it, you have some gripe with this company that you want to voice or resolve, or you want to keep an eye on it for some news and special offers. So we have selected Twitter feeds that satisfy this and much more.


Threadless is a Chicago based hip online T-shirt retailer that manages to bring a certain awesomeness to everything they do and their Twitter account is not lacking in awesomeness. Besides the fact that you will want to click on every new T-shirt design that they link to on their account, you will also get first dibs on some of their special offers and contests. The account also comes with a side of humor as well.

Plenty of offers

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9 Must Follow Fictional Characters on Twitter

Everyone is on Twitter nowadays and there are plenty of characters that continue living their social (media) lives on the service. So here are 9 fictional characters that you should be following if you like some humor, fiction or satire in your feed.


The world’s favorite fictional dad, might be the worst one as well! He is truly in character on Twitter and always has some of the funniest commentary on some current events.

Another Homer


Any fan of “Arrested Development” will recognize the name immediately. He’s the first licensed Analyst and Therapist, Analrapist for short, and a master of the sexual double entendres.

The confused "Doctor"


Ever wonder if Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is a sleazy and dirty old man who took in Robin for less than honorable reasons (Gymnast…hint, hint!). Well then, this Bruce Wayne is the one that you have been looking for, a bat time feed that will make you go from zero to eww in no time.

Wondering how Kelsey Grammar sounds? Google it!

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9 Doctors To Get Valuable Medical Advice From on Twitter

Medical advice is a very sensitive issue and if you ask any honest doctor online, he will start by cautioning that you should visit a doctor for the best possible advice. However, sometimes it’s just easier to get an understanding of your concerns online or perhaps seek advice from a doctor or learn something new about health and healthy living.

Today we will introduce to you 9 amazing doctors on Twitter who can give you the medical advice you are looking for:


The popular TV show’s account is a valuable resource. Not only do you get some previews about the upcoming show and its topic but every Tuesday, a doctor takes his time to answer tweets and advise people on a varying number of issues from relationships to child rearing.

The popular TV show on Twitter


Howard Luks is a doctor that really gets social media; he is very active and friendly on the service and, unlike many other doctors you see, engages in many conversations via his feed which makes him very approachable for advice.

The Social Media Doctor

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How to Clean-up Twitter Spammers: What to Look For

Twitter spammers are an especially annoying breed of spammers. Unlike their email cousins, you can’t just shove them in a dirty little corner, that you’ll have to visit begrudgingly, instead they will flood your Twitter feed.

So far, Twitter’s strategy to fight spam is limited to disabling accounts that are suspected of being used to spam the service, and that is not enough. So Twitter users are encouraged to be vigilant and not only be careful about not only the people whom they follow but also those who follow them, and using Twitter will surely make fighting those spammers a breeze.

What to Look for?

Spammers Spotted!

If someone only tweets links then he is probably just a bot tied to an RSS Feed, and unless it is your favorite news service or blog then chances are this person is a spammer. To remove those quickly go to Manage Twitter –> Reciprocate –> select the “Avoid Linkless Ramblings” and sort by “Links Ratio“.

Have you found this tip helpful?Looking forward to your comments and feedback :)

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Tweepi Quick Tip: How To Measure Influence?

Follow Me!

Some people think that in order to measure the influence of a tweep on Twitter, you should only look at the number of people following him/her and hence the larger it is, the more influence that tweep has. However, the number of followers is a misleading indicator of influence!

To actually measure the influence of anybody, you need to figure out how many people are listening to them(#followers), how often do they talk to their audience (#tweets), and how often they get mentioned by others(#RT’s).

Therefore, when deciding who to add to your account, make sure to check those parameters and not only the number of followers because while someone might have a lot of followers, he/she might not be active enough to capitalize on them.

You can also refer to the Klout score to find a measure of any tweets influence or you can check your impact by going here to the Twitalyzer website which has recently released the list of the most influential tweets and contrasted it with that of most followers.


5 Most-Influential People*

1. Rafinha Bastos

Followers: 1,690,817
Influence: 90

2. Chad Ochocinco

Followers: 1,651,070
Influence: 89

3. Conan O’Brien

Followers: 2,367,928
Influence: 88

4. Stephen Fry

Followers: 2,188,395
Influence: 87

5. Ryan Seacrest

Followers: 3,880,840
Influence: 86

5 Most Followed People

1. Lady Gaga

Followers: 7,941,444
Influence: 41

2. Justin Bieber

Followers: 7,032,265
Influence: 67

3. Britney Spears

Followers: 6,652,470
Influence: 59

4. Barack Obama

Followers: 6,531,868
Influence: 83

5. Ashton Kutcher

Followers: 6,261,483
Influence: 68

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