Tweepi’s new Queued following feature makes things 10X faster!

We are excited to announce our latest feature: Queued following and unfollowing. This feature was added to minimize the time you need to do all follow/unfollow tasks through Tweepi. It was designed to be a great time saver!

What is it?

When you select users and click follow/unfollow, you will see that the status next to those users will change to “Queued for un/following”. This indicates that our servers will process it regardless on which page you are, within a minute or two. This feature was added so that you can select a large number of users for following, from each page, navigate back and forth to different pages without waiting at all. All following/unfollowing will be done in the background.

Queue for following / unfollowing

Queue for following / unfollowing

How do I know the status of those actions?

You will get a blue bubble at the bottom-right corner of your browser once each action goes through. The “Last action” in yellow will also be updated.

Queued for unfollowing bubble and "last action" reporting

Queued for unfollowing bubble and "last action" reporting

Try it out. It’s available for both Tweepi Free (for the moment) and Tweepi Premium accounts.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback with us!

Did you try Tweepi yet?

Tweepi is our awesome tool to make sense of all your Twitter friends and followers. If you need to flush, reciprocate, cleanup or follow more users, Tweepi is the tool you need!

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  • Ian

    I think this is a fantastic change as the instruction need not be immediate. For me follow or unfollow within an hour is enough.

    Personally I have just unfollowed 6000 that I was following and surprisingly I did not get limit error, so I hope my Twitter account isn’t at risk. For example, I can follow around 1000 per day, but is there no limit on the number I can unfollow in an hour?

  • Mel

    What happens if you reach your limit, do the accounts stay queued until the limit refreshes or do you have to refollow and add to the queue again?

    • John Wylie

       They don’t remain in the queue to be followed after your limit is lifted. That would be crazy API hits to your Twitter account and would raise some red flags with the Twitter folks.

  • sofarsoShawn

    if doesn’t work

  • mjdub

    best thing to happen to Tweepi, ever. Significant improvement. Thanks,

    • John Wylie

       It really is HUGE!

  • mutiny4

    i just followed people but it never went through..what is wrong?