4 Most Addictive Twitter Games!

Twitter is one of the best platforms to connect people on different levels and for various reasons. Its concept of countless short connections and messages has opened the door for a new type of games to emerge.

Today, we will present you with a list of 4 of the most addictive games that use Twitter as their communication layer. The games can be really fun and addictive, but you have to be careful not to annoy your followers with many game-related tweets.

1. Artwiculate:



Artwiculate(@artwiculate) is a real-time Twitter based game which helps you learn a new word each day. Follow @artwiculate on Twitter and use the word they broadcast in one of your tweets. The more “˜likes’ or retweets each reply gets, pushes it up the popularity charts on Artwiculate.

2. 140Mafia:

140 Mafia Screen Shot

140 Mafia

140Mafia (@lolplaying) allows you to start your own Mob family. You have to recruit your friends, buy the best weapons, and manage your business dealings to advance in the game.

3. 140Blood:

140 Blood

140 Blood

140blood (@140blood) is a new Twitter-based multi-player fantasy game. It gives you the option of choosing amongst 4 different adventures: Elven Blood, Blood Lust, Skies of Blood, and City of Blood. All adventures play the same but differ in the atmosphere and storyline.

4. Twitbrain:



Twitbrain (@twitbrain) is a Twitter game for math and engineering nerds. Twitbrain will post a math problem (i.e. 1 -minus- 35 +plus+ 41). The game then becomes about speed – how fast can you calculate the answer and @reply it to Twitbrain?

Which one is your favorite? Do you play other games on Twitter? Let us know what you think of our collection of Twitter games in the comment section below.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hieu-Le/100001761041245 Hieu Le

    Hey folks i found this great twitter games site http://www.TwitArcade.com

  • http://twitter.com/abigaila_ abigaila brown

    Hey hieu le

  • Threemagicbeans

    Thanks for the games review. I wrote this lens on Squidoo about Twitter gaming:

    Let me know if I missed any.
    My personal favourite was http://www.walltweettrader.com

  • greekangel

    the best mafia game is here check it out and be part of my mob

  • gubatron

    Checkout the #punsr hashtag for a cool wordgame where you get to redefine the english language with puns/jokes.


  • http://twitter.com/hemasail Martin Hentschel

    I have developed a little Twitter game called Catch a Fishli. The idea is to catch fish on Twitter. http://catchafish.li

  • nosynq

    Tweeria.com – Lazy Twitter RPG. Tweet “Good morning” and your character finds a new sword. http://tweeria.com/
    follow @tweeria:twitter